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When To Ask Your Locksmith to Change or Re-key Your Locks

Your house locks might be fully functional and secure, but various factors could compromise the efficacy of your current lock system. However, shocking this might seem, rekeying locks is a cost-effective way of improving or maintaining your security system.

Rekeying is a fairly simple process; a locksmith replaces the old or damaged lock pins with new ones to provide a brand-new lock system.

So, what exactly calls for rekeying of the locks?

Lost key

The utter moment of confusion, when you can’t find your key, is experienced by millions of people on a daily basis. Some are fortunate enough to retrace it, while others have to Google ‘locksmith near me’.

This is a great opportunity to upgrade your security system and restore your peace of mind. A key-less home security system can also be installed to prevent the problem of missing keys forever.

Moving in to a new house

The previous owner would have handed you the keys, but are you sure, that that was the only pair of key?

People usually make duplicate keys for maintenance staff and personal use. If the keys have changed hands, it’s better to get a new set of locks from the get go. Before moving into your new home, get all the door and window locks rekeyed.

Same rule applies to separation, divorce or property dispute. Emotions can make people irrational. In order to avoid an uncomfortable interaction with a former friend or family member, it’s better to get your locks rekeyed.

Damaged or worn out locks

Rusting and worn out lock pins can make a lock redundant. Instead of struggling with your locks and breaking your key, get them rekeyed. Moreover, it’s always smart to replace locks or upgrade to new security system from time to time.

Break-in situation

Lastly, if you have experienced a break-in situation or the crime rate in your area is increasing, get your locks assessed and rekeyed. Never take chances with your security and opt for quality locks and keys to secure your home.

Need a Key Solution?

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